Void Computing is a development and consulting company solving real-world problems with Augmented Reality, using cheap, off-the-shelf AR glasses.

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AR for sales and marketing

Augmented Reality is a memorable experience for most people. Especially in a trade-show or on-site demo context, the immersion of Augmented Reality technology leaves a lasting impression and increases the likelihood of a successful sale.

Even if end-users won't use your software through AR (e.g. your solution is non-interactive, or it's designed to work in the background), with clear and detailed animations, AR visuals simplify even the most complicated processes and features, making your offering stand out above the rest.

Other AR use-cases

A big part of the AR community is focusing on frivolous applications, which often leads to disappointment in the end. Instead, attention should shift towards realistic and practical solutions already available today. Some of these use cases include:

How we will help you

As a consulting company, we develop software for you, based on specifications that we help create. You get all the source code and IP that's specific to your project.

We provide cost savings by using our in-house AR SDK. Not only does it allow us to move faster, but we pass those cost savings onto you as well: you only pay for what we develop specifically for you.

We maintain 3rd party device drivers for various consumer AR glasses (Xreal Light, Rokid Air, Mad Gaze Glow, etc.), so we are not limited to a single hardware platform or SDK, and can provide features and bug fixes faster than the OEM.

Our SDK is portable and cross-platform; it runs on practically any ARM- or x86-based hardware released in the past 5 years (including phones, SBCs, laptops), as long as there is a GPU in it that can render 3840x1080 @ 60fps and supports DisplayPort 1.4 output.